Design and Build in Singapore


What is Design and Build?

A design and build team operates under a single contract with the property owner to provide both design and construction services as part of this style of project delivery. One organisation, one contract, and a single coordinated flow of work from conception to conclusion. Design and build is sometimes referred to as single-source responsibility.

Design and build effectively completes projects for office buildings, schools, airports, transit, and other infrastructure across the country and beyond the globe. ID.Inc strives to become the preferred contractor for all Singaporean institutional and commercial property owners for design and build projects. This is due to the fact that we firmly believe in providing every client with the dream workspace or property, and we will work tirelessly to see your project through to completion.

The vast majority of our completed projects are either Alterations & Additions (A&A) or Design and Build in Singapore.

Our designers are partial towards the former scenario: Design and Build. For us, designing and then building is a catalyst unleashing our creativity.

With design and build, we start from a blank slate. Choices widen in terms of the overall big picture.

Also, more design inputs get factored in. Identity. Ergonomics. Productivity. Workplace lifestyle. Safety and Health. Functionality. Fun. And more.

As designers, we are stakeholders in the design and build project too. We take great pride in each finished workplace. There’s a sense of satisfaction and achievement.


Why Choose ID.Inc As Your Design and Build in Singapore?

As an alternative to design-bid-build, we offer design and build services. The former  strategy separates design and construction into independent companies, contracts, and tasks. Construction management, design-bid-build, and design-build are the three project delivery methods that are most ocassionally used for commercial structures. However, they require so much planning, time, and money.

Our design and build service, on the other hand, streamlines project delivery by having the owner and the design and build team sign a single contract. By converting the connection between designers and builders into an alliance that encourages collaboration and teamwork, this small but important distinction saves time and money.


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