Our Story

Our Story

Your Regional Interior Design Expert

ID Inc is a regional interior design firm focusing on commercial offices in the private and public sectors. Since 1999 and headquartered in Singapore, we have project experience too in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Spain.

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Typically, our projects are full turn-key. From beginning to end. Test Fit(s). Designs. Budget management. Project Management. Post Completion follow-up.

We also handle projects that are Alterations & Additions (A&A) in nature. These differ from our full turn-key projects in that clients hold on to their existing offices, wanting us to help reimagine their existing offices to handle changes in headcount and equipment. For more than 2 decades, we have helped clients reinstate their offices back to bare as they move onto to their new premises.

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Our Values

Core Values We Believe In

We offer intelligent solutions. We have a ‘No Exceptions’ Policy. Our ‘No Exceptions’ Policy spans 3 filters: Originality. Client-centered. Going Extra Mile.

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Originality Policy

Our mantra is: ‘Nothing happens unless first a dream.’ This sentence is attributed to Carl Sandburg. Poet. Biographer. Triple Pulitzer Prize Winner.

Since 1999, this mantra embodies the start point of all our projects. No exceptions.

For each new client, we begin with a dream. A blank canvas. A blank palette. We visualise afresh.

Every project is an original. No cookie cutters. No exceptions.

We are designers with a passion for our work. No exceptions. Every single project we undertake we complete professionally. No exceptions.


Client-Centred Policy

Our clientele spans across all work environments. All industry types. The common denominator: the office stakeholders – staff & management – need a conducive and motivating work environment.

Our designers are workplace specialists. We leverage each client’s space to be effective for your stakeholders. Sometimes what’s needed is innovation. Sometimes it’s seamless integration. Sometimes it is increased productivity. Whatever the focus needed is: our designers will work with you our client to uncover the needs. Then infuse that into your workplace.


Going-the-Extra-Mile Policy.

Since our inception, ID Inc has built up a reputation of going-the-extra-mile for our clients. It might be in big things or small things. It might be recognised and seen by the client. Or it might just go unnoticed. We do it not because we want credit for it. We do it because for us, integrity is important. Going-the-extra-mile makes sense for us. You can count on us.

Our Mission And Vision

Envisioning Every Detail In Every Work

We help companies, in Singapore and in the region beyond, imagine their new office design for a dynamic workforce; then build just exactly that.

We do work from a completely blank canvas. Then we methodically put in place every aspect of the new office.

Story 3

From the very start of our business in 1999 we adopted the mantra: Nothing Happens Unless First A Dream. Carl Sandburg, the award winning poet-biographer, famously said this. From helping you choose the right sized space; to dreaming up the design; and working out the finer details of the finishing forms and materials; to proposing a suitable budget; and managing the actual building works, we will walk with you through the entire journey from start to finish. Often, we go the extra mile before reaching the finishing line.

We also help companies with existing offices reimagine their office designs to right size the fitting out needed to adjust for growth and changes.

To help companies imagine their new office design as well as reimagine their current office interior design for a dynamic workforce; and then build just exactly that.