Budget Friendly Tips to Improve Your Office Space

Good office design can significantly improve productivity at the workplace. It leads to better morale, greater cross-collaboration, lowered stress levels, stronger branding, and builds a more positive company culture. However, some are under the impression that renovating an office space comes with high costs and may not be a practical option for many business owners.

When it comes to interior design, you don’t always have to break the bank to see results. Small changes can have larger knock-on effects that can make a transformative difference to the way your employees function in the office. It also gives you an opportunity to experiment with different design philosophies and see what works best for your organisation.

If you choose to hire a commercial interior design firm to do a full-scale renovation at a later date, making smaller changes early on can help give you a general idea of what approach is ideal for you and your employees. Here are a few budget friendly tips and hacks you can use to spruce up your office space.

Declutter Your Space-Office interior design Singapore

1. Declutter Your Space

An office is a busy, dynamic environment. People are constantly coming and going, papers are being printed, and cables are snaking everywhere. You might have client files dating back years and old equipment lying around. All of this creates mess and clutter which inevitably affects productivity in the office.

The solution is simple, but not always easy. You have to find ways to declutter and organise your office space. Take a good look around and find out what items can be removed or placed elsewhere. Set designated areas for items like office stationary, office equipment, or old files.

Decluttering your office is an economical way of creating the right atmosphere for work. Modern office interior design draws from the same principles of organising space to better optimise workflow.

2. Decorate With Plants And Pictures

Many offices tend to be drab and uninspiring. This can be demotivating for employees who spend many hours inside the office. Adding more plants brings nature into the office and creates a more calming atmosphere. Workplace happiness also tends to improve with natural elements, and employees are more willing to spend time in such places.

Pictures are an inexpensive way to add a splash of colour to your office. Simple, tasteful wall landscapes that are not distracting can help replenish focus and drive creativity.

3. Clean Up Communal Areas

Don’t neglect the communal areas when it comes to improving your office’s interior design. These spaces allow your employees to take a break from work and relax. Such pauses in work are important for many problem-solving tasks and gives them the boost they need to maintain productivity throughout the day.

Communal areas can also get messy or dirty if you’re not careful. Pantry spaces especially can get cluttered with food remains, empty food packaging, snacks, or disposable utensils. Keeping these spaces pristine is essential to help your employees feel valued at work and gives them every opportunity to recharge.

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4. Get Your Employees Involved

Office redesigns shouldn’t be a top-down approach. Involving your employees in the decision making process can make them feel more committed to the company, more comfortable in the office, and inspire them to work better.

Collating feedback about possible improvements to the office is a good start. This can give you an idea of what changes would be welcomed by your team and which issues are most pressing and need to be addressed. Consulting with your employees is completely free and you might be surprised at how small changes can make a big difference. Many employees also understand that expensive office renovations in Singapore are not always practical and will come up with appropriate suggestions.

Another way of involving your team is to allow personalisation within the office. Let employees bring items like pictures of their family, soft toys, or decorations to allow them to feel more at home in the workplace. Just be on hand to ensure that their additions don’t overly clutter the workspace, or inconvenience their colleagues.

Office redesigns doesn’t always have to mean repainting the whole place or knocking down walls. Sometimes just taking a step back and making simple, cost-effective adjustments can make a world of difference. Taking the steps outlined above can serve as a stopgap until you have the necessary funds for a full scale renovation.

As a regional interior design expert, ID Inc has expertise in both Alterations & Additions (A&A) and Design & Build projects. We pride ourselves on setting a high standard for commercial redesigns and we offer intelligent solutions for businesses. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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